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Thank you for attending the Eugene Town Square Block Party!

Thank you for making it a huge success! Please fill out the survey here.

Your input is continuing to shape the future of our Town Square!

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Imagination Lab Results


On May 22 at Whirled Pies in Downtown Eugene, hundreds of community members actively participated in the first phase of public involvement to help shape the future of our Town Square. Here’s a look into Imagination Lab!

We received extensive input from over 1500 individuals, organizations and businesses, including the Lane County Farmers Market and Eugene Saturday Market.

The three draft concepts to be presented on July 18 are based on the many conversations with representatives of organizations associated with the arts, disabled community, housing, public safety, sustainability, equity and inclusion, and public transportation.


Click here for a downloadable PDF of the Public Involvement Report


Imagination Lab

Who was there? what was explored and learned? What did everyone do?


Presentation and display

Over 200 people joined the first large public event at Whirled Pies on May 22nd. Click the button below to view the display boards and project introduction.


photo booth

The photo booth was a hit! Kids and adults had a blast with this activity which involved writing down or drawing their ideas on the thought bubbles and getting a photo taken with their idea. Check it out by clicking on the photo booth button.


our future leaders

Everyone had a place at the table. They built models of what they would love to have in their Town Square, they drew pictures, and they wrote down their aspirations. See the work by clicking on the button below.


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Process Goals


Honor all voices

  • Listen to the community’s stories, hopes and ideas

  • Recognize and value diversity of thought about what can make Eugene Town Square great

  • Respond to ideas, critiques, comments and praise.

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Keep it real

  • Be prepared and ready to do work

  • Be transparent about the process and project progress

  • Collaborate with key organization and individuals to make it happen

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co-create a vision for town square

  • Invite folks from all of Eugene to have a voice

  • Envision a place rooted in what the community wants

  • Create relationships that outlast this project

Collectively, our community will create Eugene Town Square.

Individuals and organizations with a stake in the future of Town Square range from key players such as Eugene Saturday Market and the Lane County Farmers Market to the resident who visits downtown just a few times a year. The goal is to create processes and materials that are creative and easily accessible to all collaborators.

Yes, that means you!

Your voice matters and we want to hear it!

Over the next few months, we will be hosting numerous public engagement events. We are eager to collaborate with our entire community on the design of our Town Square.

If you have interest in being a part of the process, we would love to have you at the table. Civic space is successful when it provides everyone a safe, fun place to be and that can only be attained through an inclusive public engagement approach to the project. Let’s do this!

Public Involvement Process